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sc24 from viking_movie on Vimeo.

Trying something different.

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Tiny preview. It might be what it will look like or it might change completely.

Tell me what you guys think?

Thanks, bye!

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Old layout



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So, the thing is, the short is coming along more slowly. I have gotten a job, and college its still going and that makes things move slower. Also, my scanner went kaput so thats pretty much the excuse for my lack of updates. Luckily i’ve scanned this one frame from the short in school so here’s a little taste.

And thanks for anyone still coming here!

Thanks, bye!

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Hello There folks!

It’s been way too long since our last post. I wish I could say we’ve been very busy with a lot of cool projects, but unfortunately no. We’ve been just doing some hardcore procrastination.

Anyways, we started working properly and we’ll be animating lots and lots of stuff for next months. So probably there aren’t going to be many posts until the end of production, wich is our priority. But I’ll try to post something interesting from time to time.

So long!


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Funny fases of viking faces.

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